Who we are

Women in Transport Leadership or WiTL is the first knowledge network created in the Australasian region solely dedicated to empowering women and developing a critical mass of female transport leaders. It serves as a platform for creating knowledge, fostering innovation and empowering person to person collaborative linkages amongst female transport leaders in Australia and ASEAN.


The Women in Transportation Leadership Network WiTL is a platform to produce knowledge, foster innovation and increase female to female collaborative linkages in Australasia. The knowledge network aims to strengthen female capabilities and increase leadership opportunities to address the diverse transport challenges, particularly issues related to gender and transport, which is key to achieving a more holistic and inclusive global community. It promotes a positive contemporary image of Australian female leadership concerned with developing more collaborative, inclusive and supportive culture in research, education and practice.


Our Focal points page provides information on Women on Transport Leadership Australasia’s key personnel.

To contact us, send us an email or phone +61 (041) 542 2217.