Research Publications

Gender segregation on public transport in South Asia: A critical
evaluation of approaches for addressing harassment against women

This dissertation reviews a range of literature, and interviews with several women’s rights experts, to assess the
challenges women face when attempting to obtain justice. It also explores theories of women’s access
to space in order to evaluate proposed strategies to address the issue. The debate is essentially one of
segregation versus non-segregation, both on public transport and in wider public space, and how the
former promotes women’s personal safety but engenders existing patriarchal norms, while the latter
exposes women to greater risk but allows them increased opportunity to tackle entrenched gender inequality.

The Quest for Gender-Sensitive and Inclusive Transport Policies in Growing Asian Cities

This article presents policies by the World Bank and recommendations by the United
Nationsto improve conditions for women’s mobility in cities. Although these stress different factors affecting women’s experiences of traffic and transport, they all agree about the importance of enabling women’s mobility.

Gender Equality Initiatives
in Transportation Policy

This paper reviews current trends and initiatives in transportation policy from
a gender perspective. The patterns of travel by women and the use they make
of transportation are different than those of men. This difference stems from
gender inequality within the home and the labor market, the urban structure,
and other factors

Transportation, Mobility and Women in Cities of Developed Countries

This article deals with the issues of
women mobility, urban transportation and accessibility in western cities. Women face drawbacks getting around in cities in their everyday life.