Gender Tool Kit: Transport

Kit: Transport

This tool kit provides guidance for transport sector specialists and gender specialists on how to mainstream gender equality issues into transport project design, implementation, and policy engagement.

Violence Against Women and Girls Resource Guide
Transport Brief

Violence Against Women Sector Brief provides guidance to help development professionals understand how VAWG affects programming in their sector, and offers suggestions for integrating VAWG prevention and response activities within each sector at the policy, institutional, and community level. The briefs also provide some detail about lessons learned from previous efforts to integrate VAWG, including those centered on working across multiple sectors

Gender and Transport in Less Developed Countries: A Background Paper in Preparation for CSD-9

This paper brings together recent evidence from rural and urban
transport case studies in less developed countries. Women’s disadvantaged position in transport systems is apparent throughout. However, rather than simply use the studies to confirm general trends, this paper highlights both similarities and differences in women’s experiences in order to stress the need for locally-adapted gender-sensitive transport strategies.

The Role of Women in the Green Economy: The issue of Mobility

This note highlights the characteristics and determinants of gender differences in mobility patterns emerging from the literature and presents an overview of how transport policies have been adapted to support women’s mobility needs, focusing on examples of practices implemented in four European countries. The results show significant, albeit declining, gender differences related to gender roles within households and the labour market as well as demographic trends. The policy recommendations underline the need to consider gender and environment mainstreaming in transport policies.